"I love Martial Arts. My mom started me in Tae Kwon Do awhile back so that I could learn to defend myself.  I was bullied a lot back then because of my size.  Martial Arts quickly became a family thing that we all do together. It has given me self confidence, discipline, and self control among other things. Bruce Lee quotes are always flying around my house.  I especially like the one about water.  I kind of made it my own.  Like water, if you are shapeless, then you can be anything. Water molds itself.  It's not limited.  If you go with the flow, then you can go anywhere and be anything that you can dream of.  You become limitless!"


 ----Gabriel L. Silva 


"Be like water and flow to places you've never   dreamed."   


Born on May 23, 2005, Gabriel L. Silva started acting in school plays in his hometown of Houston, TX. Gabriel attended Catholic parochial school from the age of 3 years old until recently. He is an only child and is biracial, which gives him a uniquely ambiguous look in addition to a very rich cultural history. He began acting and modeling classes at the Page Parkes Center for Acting and Modeling and continues to mature in his skill and craft daily. Gabriel has a passion for the arts and trains in various disciplines across the wide spectrum.  


​Aside from acting and modeling, Gabriel would eventually like to obtain his first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. As if Gabriel's schedule was not busy enough, he has taken on the challenge of becoming a budding entrepreneur, taking action against the social injustices of bullying with Take Action Apparel & Gear. In his free time, he likes to do the same things that many kids his age love. He plays tons of video games, is an avid chess player, listens to music, watches movies and television, plays with his dog, and spends all the time that he can with his family and friends.

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