One out of four students are victims of bullying where as one out of five students admit to being bullies themselves. Students, at times, feel helpless and don't know who to turn to. Students who are bullied sometimes resort to suicide and the bullies often find themselves incarcerated by the time that they are adults. Whichever side of the coin one finds themselves on, it is not good and it is time for all of us to stand together and take action.  


I got together with a group of experts and cool designers to create Take Action Apparel & Gear. A percentage of all sales will go to support the efforts of various organizations that are already taking a stance against this problem. Bullying does not discriminate and ultimately affects us all. So, shop and know that a percentage of your purchase will bring help to all of those who need it.


Together, we are responsible for our future!

Take Action Apparel & Gear

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